Essential Life proudly extends a warm invitation to all designers, originators, inventors and artists to partner with the South African Design Gallery in an opportunity to showcase and introduce your projects, designs and products to our cosmopolitan patrons.
The aim of the South African Design Gallery is to bring together the best of local designers and manufacturers to host a collection of exclusively South African lifestyle items.
Our vision is to create an alluring, irresistible space in the SA Design Gallery where clients can consciously interact and be introduced to the essence, character and stories of South African product and design.
Essential Life Belief
In our world we combine a creative and supportive team with strong values and beliefs to design products for a growing market of people who find value, growth and learning through the experiences of integrated purchasing and with designs that are unique and not mass produced.
Invitation to partner and co-create with the SA Design Gallery 
We are looking for established and new up-and-coming talented artisans and product designers to exhibit and market their distinctive products and designs in our already established retails stores in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst and Waterkloof, Pretoria. We will provide beautiful, captivating and interactive spaces and installations to best showcase your designs on a rotating and ongoing basis.