Ultimate Cleansing Cubes

R 110.00

Brand Essential Life SA

There are ordinary soap bars, and then there are Essential Earth Ultimate Cleansing Cubes. Made from pure honeybush and rooibos extracts as well as unrefined shea butter, these 100% natural soaps live up to their name. Honeybush and rooibos both contain antioxidants which help to combat the damage free radicals can cause the skin. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A which helps to moisturise and heal the skin. The combination of shea butter, honeybush and rooibos is perfect for treating dry and itchy skin; signs of ageing like blemishes and wrinkles; tough and rough skin; muscle fatigue and tension; eczema and dermatitis; skin allergies; skin rashes and irritations; sunburn and skin peeling.